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Italy 2022

This holiday had three purposes: it was to be the first holiday after three years of Covid restrictions, it was to be a test of a new way of travel – in an, all electric, converted camper van – and it was to be a return to Tuscan and exploration of neighbouring Umbria.

It is quite a challenge to make the effort to travel after such a long period of confinement – and knowing that I was three years older and just that more infirm. But I am determined to keep mobile and active as long as I can.

I have always loved the idea of camper vans (unlike my family, particularly Chris, who disliked the discomfort of the two we had when the girls were young ). I loved the sense of freedom and the ability to choose a route on impulse, stopping when one wanted. Now I am on my own I can indulge in this fantasy. What’s more, because it is 100% electric, this reduces the feeling of guilt at the impact of travel on the planet.

Having a more or less first generation electric vehicle is in itself a challenge – an adventure. It requires knowing where the next charging resources are – and keeping one’s fingers crossed they will work!

Why Italy? Because I love the country, and above all its architecture and art. This was my fifth visit to the country and the third time in Tuscany. I went in 2004 with Chris and 2016 with Jude and family. This was to be an albeit shortened version of my trip with Chris, as my friends here put it “un voyage sentimental”.

I had planned to go on to explore Umbria further, but anxiety about the increased problems of an allergy to my glaucoma medication made me (prudently) cut the holiday short.



I kept a blog – somewhat obsessed by the challenges of an electric car. I did not talk extensively on the buildings or paintings I visited, having already written in 2004. Here are the links to my blog entries.

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