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Family Photo Albums

I’m slowly scanning in the family photo albums. My main aim is to make the photos available to the family. To protect family privacy, some of the albums are password proteted. If you are given the password (by Kate, Jude or me) we ask that you consult before giving it to anyone else or before sending a link to a particular photo in an album.

1962-65 Oxford University

My three years at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.  Virtually no photos – I’m not sure if I carried a camera during these years.  Anyhow, far too busy squandering time on pleasure.  Cherwell was the extraordinary house where I spent years two and three.  Lois Godfrey (daughter of Dick and Naomi Mitchison) put up with the noise and chaos created by me and my friends.

1966-1967 Sokoto, Nigeria

I then spent a wonderful, eventful year as a VSO teacher in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria – a dramatic year of coups d’etats, riots, and massacres, culminating after I left in the Biafran war.  At one stage all the pupils from the South East had to leave the school and we received the northerners from the sister school in Warri, in the south east.  (My camera was on its last legs.)

Then my fellow VSO, Wenol, and I travelled (hitch-hike, lorry, bus, boat…) from Cape Town to Cairo.  En route we both bought new cameras in Nairobi – first photos seen in Venice (not a fair sample of this sturdy Pentax!).

1967-1970 Oxford Mail & Upper Fisher Row

I worked as a graduate trainee reporter on the Oxford Mail, first sharing a flat with Pat Laverty at 8 Upper Fisher Row and then (when George and Teresa Smith moved to Durham) lived at 8a upstairs, with Chris, whom I met in 1968. A very happy three years.

1970-1971  Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

Chris was a lecturer in the History Department at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, and I worked part time for Professor Lalage Bown and part time as editor at the Institute for Agricultural Research

1972-2000 Edinburgh (password protected)

And finally, family life – the  period from the birth of Kate on 25 January 1972 to our departure from Edinburgh, early in 2001.


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