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North India 2005

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This was a memorable experience, and while I was there I wrote a verbose diary. It can be downloaded in its entirety as a Word document; otherwise entries appear under each place I visited.
This was the first entry, which explains the background to the trip:

This will be my first significant solo trip for nearly 40 years!

The idea started three years ago, when I watched a slideshow given by an 80-year-old in our village, back from his annual trip to India. His photos of temples, forts and people were mind-blowingly beautiful and I felt that I HAD to share that experience.

So, I will be joining the – presumably small – number of 60+ year olds with two false hips to make this pilgrimage. (It has to be said I am somewhat anxious if there is any expectation that I sit cross-legged on the ground, as my getting there is a somewhat stiff and ungainly sight!).

First stage was to dip into ‘Rough Guide’ and ‘Lonely Planet’ , and more recently, ‘Le Guide du Routard’. The next was the difficult one of picking an area.

For what I hope is the first of several trips to India I have chosen the well-trodden route of Delhi-Rajasthan-Agra-Khajuraho-Varanasi. It will be strange and not entirely comfortable taking part in mass tourism in a developing country, but I couldn’t resist the chance to see all these amazing sites. I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of Indian people.

Meanwhile, Chris, my husband, will be at home, in France, looking after our geriatric dog. And it is for him and our two daughters, Kate and Jude, that I am writing – plus those of our friends who want to follow the trail.

Désolée, mes chers amis français – je n’écrirais qu’en anglais. Mais j’espère vous allez apprécier les photos.

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