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Chris and I were together for over 40 years. Despite our different views about home decorations, what temperature the bedroom should be and my profligate spending habits we had a good life together. Chris died in September 2008 and I miss him so much.

We have two delightful daughters, Kate and Jude, and two great sons-in-law, Steve and Ed. (Further information on them is password protected and available only to family and close friends.)

And now there are four lovely grandchildren: Ella and Maddie (Jude and Ed’s daughters) and Otto and Willow (Kate and Steve’s son and daughter).

Our dog Sean (died July 2006) and his late much missed aunt, Boucheka, would have be most offended if they were not regarded as equal to humans. Their place has been taken by Poppy, who makes up in energy what she lacks in pedigree.

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