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Jude and Ed’s daughter Ella was born on 27 October 2009
Kate and Steve’s son, Otto was born on 26 February 2010;
Kate and Steve’s daughter, Willow was born on 7 October 2011.
Jude and Ed’s second daughter, Madeleine, was born on 27 April 2013

Initially I made pages for each child’s early months.  Now I publish photos of the grandchildren (and often their parents and friends) annually.

All these albums are password protected.
Note: for the time being I’m working just on the 2016 collection (I had to remove earlier years after a difference with the internet providers and it will take time to modify these)

  • 2016  (including movies)

  • 2015  (including movies)

  • 2014  (including movies)

  • 2013   (and movies)

  • 2012   (and movies)

  • 2011   (and movies)

I also made pages of the early months for Ella and Otto.  But because Willow was ill much of her first year, I did not do this for her.

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