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Websites around le Vigan are a crazy, anarchic mess, with overlapping sites (each authority or association having its own site) and huge, irritating gaps. For example, NONE of them publish the times of the buses to Nimes and Montpellier!

Le Vigan Office de Tourisme

As you might expect, this site, run by the commune of le Vigan, is more useful (despite its impossible to remember the url – address), and much of it is in French, English or German.

The Discovery section is not bad: it gives you an idea of what there is to see, although the information from different villages is very patchy. What a shame they don’t include an electronic version of their local walks (you can buy a booklet at La Maison du Pays).

La Maison du Pays (big building in the centre of the square which has the markets) publishes a useful diary of forthcoming events. Ask for “Les Animations en Pays Viganais”. The online version is much less satisfactory, as you have to click on each item to find out more. Nonetheless, essential reading for residents not wanting to miss concerts etc.

The list of ‘gourmet’ restaurants is better laid out than the one below, but not so comprehensive. Not that there is much choice.

The practical information section is actually quite practical! It has, for example, a list of doctors and dentists, and the garages (under Véhicule).

Pay Viganais

This is the site of the Communauté de Communes – the commune of Le Vigan and its surrounding small communes, including Bréau. This is essentially a promotional tool for the Communauté de Communes and is of no real practical interest for visiting tourists.

Midi Libre – Le Vigan

These are the pages on le Vigan from Midi Libre, the paper for this region.  Useful if you want to know what events are about to take place.

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