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The journey – and camping

A brief look at the guidebooks before convinced us that we could not afford too many Italian hotels. So, 20 years after owning our last one, we bought a tent! One big enough for us to stand up in, and with spacious ‘bedroom’ compartments. The instructions said it was easy to put up and down… We found otherwise, particularly on our first evening, after six hours driving and in a light drizzle. Nevertheless, its size proved useful when we had to cook and eat indoors in rainy Florence. We are going to have to camp in future years, to realise our investment!

People spoke ominously about scary Italian drivers, but we found other drivers amazingly well behaved and the general speed levels less than in France. The signposting could have been better on occasions and the Italians don’t seem to mark distances to the next town as often as in other countries.

The campsites varied from the seedy but magnificently situated in Florence, to lovely and peaceful near Siena, and hilariously kitsch but very friendly at Pegli, on our way home. Before our next camping expedition we need a little more equipment, like a camp stove that works and has windshields!

On the other hand, Chris has reverted to his “never again” position on camping.

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