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Col de Mouzoules

This is the pass where the little road comes up from Bréau and Mars and then winds its way down to Aumessas.

« Le 19 avril 1742, des Huguenots, assemblés pour célébrer leur culte, furent surpris en ce « désert ». Pour rester fidèles à leur foi, ils ont vaillamment souffert le martyre, les hommes aux galères, les femmes à la Tour de Constance.
Honneur à leur mémoire : leurs fils pieux et reconnaissants.
19 avril 1942 »

On 19 April 1742, Huguenots, gathered to worship, were caught in this remote spot. By remaining loyal to their faith, they valiantly suffered martyrdom, the men to the galleys, the women to the Tour de Constance (a fortress in Agues-Mortes, used during this period as a prison for ‘heretic’ women).

The three men, from Campestre, Aveze and Bréau, did not survive the hard labour in the galleys for long. The six female prisoners were from Avèze and Bréau. One was a baby when incarcerated with her grandmother, and was only freed 16 years later.

Worth noting that this memorial was put up during the war, no doubt a call to resistance to the Huguenot descendants, les Camisards.

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