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Bassin working at last

Julien, the son of Jacky who built my pool, arrived at the end of May to get the pool ready for the summer. We knew that he had to reline the cement on the two pools, both of which have been leaking, to replace the contents of the filter (these days a sort of silica sand) as part of the effort to find out why the (new) pump worked so disastrously last year.

Almost immediately he discovered that something was broken inside the filter. New parts were going to take at least two months to arrive, so in desperation I ordered a new filter. That took three weeks to come, and I was freaking out that the lack of rain for over a month could mean I would not be able to fill the bassin.

At last the filter arrived and Julien and his assistant worked hard to get everything up and running. We filled the bassin a week ago – aided by the first dramatic rainstorm that did half the work for us! Here it is, filled up in record time in the pouring rain!

A week later and I still don’t need to do the backwash procedure (by the end of last summer year we were needing to do this daily). Yesterday I got my new robot to work, and the pool is looking great.

Fingers crossed. Getting here has cost a lot of money and caused a lot of stress. The one good thing is that Julien and I are more at ease with each other. We are not friends, like I was with his dad, but I have a lot of respect for his work.

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