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Registered with new doctor

Ten days ago I went to see my new GP, Dr Martinez, to register as her patient. Her cabinet is in the centre of Bez (a small village even further from le Vigan than Bréau) – up two steep flights of steps!

I was reassured that Dr Martinez is as pleasant as I remembered from previous encounters. We spent about 45 minutes going through the formalities and reviewing my medical past. She was slightly staggered at its volume!

This is a slightly old fashioned practice, with just a sole practitioner and no secretary (her husband organises appointments by phone from home) and while I was there, the internet failed with alarming regularity. But I am confident that she is caring and competent. I have seen her with some of the older patients at the Chataigniers where she also works.

I know that like all the doctors in le Vigan she is struggling with the extra pressure of taking on the patients of Maelle and her colleague, so I hope – for my sake as well as hers – that accepting me will not be too much of an extra burden.

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