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Another little health blip

I’ve had a busy time in the past ten days since I last wrote, but first I was too busy to write and then I became sick. Totally out of the blue, after a modest supper of noodles and vegetables, I woke up on Sunday night distinctly ill.

It was I fear a repeat of the intestinal pains of 2018, the result of the damage caused by the radiotherapy back in 2015. So a lot of discomfort and anxiety. Was it, I wondered the duodenum again? Or the less than perfect gall bladder? Or another occlusion? For two or three days I dithered as to whether to call Urgences and my hospital bag was packed and ready.( I now have a bag set by for sudden departures, complete with duplicate toothbrush – and more important, charging cables!).

My friends wanted me to call my new doctor (more about her follows) but I did not like to bother her so soon after my last visit. I promised everyone I would call her if I did not feel better by Thursday. Well, here we are, and I do indeed feel the crisis is over, though this served as a nasty reminder of how fragile my innards are.

I have had virtually nothing to eat for a few days, but today I had lunch: boiled rice and some grilled mackerel (perhaps not the best choice, but readily available). Fingers crossed that I will now recover, although I’m still feeling a bit weak.

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