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Glorious autumn

After weeks of beautiful sunny Indian summer weather, I was dreading a collapse into rain and clouds just as Jude and family were due to arrive on 21st October. But after a day of persistent dreary but much needed rain, the sun returned to greet the family.

We are so lucky, the sun is continuing, cross fingers, for most of their stay. But suddenly it is autumn. Over the past week the colours are changing and night temperatures are shooting down to near zero.

This doesn’t stop the family eating breakfast on the terrace – the BPs have a certain family reputation as being immune to the cold. At first there was some denial that the mid-day temperature was still only 10 degrees, but even when acknowledged this not stop us eating out at a pizza place. Luckily I am well trained and know when to wear plenty of layers when going out with the BPs.

The girls take it in turn to accompany me on the morning bread run and this was the photo Ella and I took this morning.

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