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September summer

September can be such an unpredictable month: we can have the most wonderful, balmy weather. Or violent, destructive épisodes cévenoles

Just at the moment we are having lovely, warm, sunny weather, still approaching 30 degrees but without the unforgiving intensity of much of August. The nights are pleasantly cool. All is very perfect except for those pesky insects. (The latest suggestion is that they are phlébotomes – a sort of sandfly – responsible among other things for infecting dogs with leishmaniose. Wiki says they are not capable of biting through clothes. Hmm. If these are phlébotomes, they sure do bite through my compression stockings.)

It has rained briefly a couple of times, enough to produce lovely rainbows, but unfortunately not enough to avoid watering the garden. Across the valley, the horses are roaming across an increasing arid hillside. We are expecting thunderstorms in a few days time, but there is no indication we will have anything like the remorseless intense rainfall which caused such terrible flooding last year.

Meanwhile my pool is about to end its very short season. The continuing problem of a filtration system which is not working properly means I am about to switch off the pump. My resident goldfish will continue to flourish on the algae. I think the adults in the small plant pool have been eaten by cats or birds, but the six babies, the offspring of the escapee into the big pool (also disappeared), are thriving and beginning to change colour and live up to their name as goldfish.

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