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Music in July

I decided to give my problematic shoulder and arthritic finger a good rest, and have not played the cello all month. I won’t be playing while the family is here, so I am trying not to think of that Vivaldi double cello concerto that I am supposed to have ready for September!

Even my Friday sessions with Charles and Pierre have come to a halt, as Pierre has badly damaged a tendon in his shoulder in some unwise movement in the garden. He has been in a lot of pain, on morphine, and will be seeing the surgeon next week for a decision on whether to operate.

Typically Charles and Pierre are determined to carry on their normal life as much as possible. We were fellow guests at a very good lunch in Bréau a fortnight ago, and I was horrified at how ill Pierre looked. After all he is now at least 85 years old! Since then I have lunched twice with them, and I’m relieved he is looking much better.

Best of all, the three of us went to one of the best concerts I have ever attended in the annual Festival du Vigan. It was a concert of music arranged for the viol da gamba (la viole de game), played by a well known French musician, Lucille Boulanger. I had not been particularly taken with this baroque instrument before, but now I am a complete convert. Lucille Boulanger played Bach and Abel with a wonderful virtuosity but also beautiful rich, sonorous timbre.

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