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More twitching

The black redstarts (les rougequeues noirs) have turned up. No photos yet as they are nervy little things. But they make the tenth bird I have identified on my bird feeder.

They are all very commonplace birds, but great fun. The main residents are of course the sparrows (les moineaux), who come in large groups and are pretty pushy. I have blue, great and coal tits (les mésenges), who feed alongside the sparrows but tend to get easily frightened. Surprisingly neither the tits nor the sparrows are frightened of the doves (lies tourtourelles), and just move over to make room for these greedy neighbours.

I also have what I thought were tree creepers, but I suspect are in fact nuthatches (les sittelles). I get the odd visit from a magpie – handsome, but not welcome. And now the spotted woodpecker (le pic épeiche) is also returning to my feeder.

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