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Domestic mishaps

This has been a January of weather extremes: we have had rain, snow, more cold than I remember usually and definitely more wind. Everywhere you see signs of the wind rushing down the valleys from the mountains to the north, and we grow weary of the frequent electricity and internet cuts.

My latest casualties are the felt roofing on my new garden shed, torn off and distributed round my land, and the lovely pin parasol which our friend Arnard planted for us in 1993.

Two weeks earlier it was one of the three main branches of the neighbouring eucalyptus which lay straddled across the electric fence which stops the wild board rooting up my olive trees.

Once again Philippe had to come with his big saw, cut up the tree, repair the broken fence and replace the felt roofing on the hut (later he is going to put a more substantial roof above the hut, capable of resisting these new gales we have to become accustomed to).

While Philippe spent Friday clearing up the latest storm messes, he discovered that unfortunately I have a substantial plumbing leak under the house – in the network of pipes which feed the new bedroom and its bathroom, as well as the water system for the basin. Heyho, another repair challenge for the coming weeks.

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