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Repas du quartier

One of the advantages of living in a road where so many young couples have built their own homes is that the average age is much lower than in the villages. I was again struck by this at the annual repas du quartier, organised by neighbours who are little more than half my age.

The repas, took place in a grass clearing a little above my house. Apart from me and two other couples, everybody seemed to be parents of small children, aged three to about sixteen, and all evening there were the happy sounds of these children running around – lovely to observe.

The food was outstanding, and copious.  My plumber neighbour barbecued a mountain of mussels in a delicious peppery sauce.  There were hot dogs, quiches, buns, biscuits and nibbles galore. Very yummy indeed.

I stayed for over four hours and the only frustration I experienced was the way the guys (“les garcons) as the baker’s wife called them, talked amongst themselves much of the time, knocking back the pastis as the evening rolled on.

The women were mainly in groups round the heavilyl food tables, and drinking wine.

I tried unsuccessfully to work my way into the ‘garcons’ circle – but gave up and joined the women. Maybe next year I will be braver


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