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Life without medication

Meanwhile, my never ending health saga continues.  I saw Maëlle, my GP last week.

She yet again adjusted my blood pressure medication – she is now concerned that my BP might be too low – and we discussed at length what strategy to follow over my sciatic nerve problem.

She agreed with me that the sciatic nerve trouble may have started with the prolonged time on my back in the salle de réanimation in November 2016, and that the shingles I had on coming out of hospital may be linked also.

She also totally supported my view that the medication for the back trouble had been making me ill, and indeed she thought this amounted to a form of drug-induced depression.  So now I am off the medication, and trying out anti-inflammatories.Charlotte, the physio, is switching attention from the shoulder to the back.

So, for the time being my nights are short and difficult, but my days are much better.  I feel more clear headed and energetic, despite the lack of sleep.


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