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Ageing tech lovers

I am very embarassed to confess that the Apple Watch is proving to be a passport for pensioners to join the club of young, gadget fans.

Dessa had already experienced this when the lad on the checkout desk at SuperU spotted her new watch, stopped sliding her veg across the scanner in order to launch into a lyrical praise of his watch and to show her the watch strap he had just bought for it!

Similarly yesterday, the younger kiné, Quentin, spotted my watch, showed me his, and we exchanged information about what apps we had on our respective watches. Again, this obsession (which I definitely do not share) with watch straps!

Quentin was able to one-up me, as his girlfriend (who turns out to be my Friday kiné, Leah) has just given him an Apple iPhone X. It is indeed beautiful and I lust after it, not least because of its camera.

For those who share my love of cameras it has two 12 megapixel camers. The main one has an optical zoom with image stabilization (copes with elderly photographer wobbles), variable focal aperture (meaning you can take photos with the background deliberately blurred).  Its front camera is of a similar spec, but since I am not interested in selfies, this is irrelevant for me.

The only thing wrong with it is its price, which is obscenely high. So I am trying hard, very hard, to resist temptation and wait until I can negotiate a better deal with my phone supplier, Orange.

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