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My departure

When planning the trip I had not really taken in the departure times – that seemed so far into the future. Now I realised that with departure time of 8.45, I would need to be at the airport two hours earlier, before public transport was working.

I was contemplating a night at the airport when Goksen suggested I should take a taxi.  The price was reasonable and the driver his uncle, so I agreed to set off at 4am to be safe, later brought forward to 3.30 (not sure why).

Thanks to the music along the street, I reckon I had a maximum of two hours sleep and was therefore dozier than usual at the airport, and when at about 8.10 I sauntered to look at the departures board to saw to my horror that my plane was boarding.  Worse still, I discovered that gate 710 was the furthest you could go, and ran-walked along interminable corridors and up and down stairs, thinking this was going to be a disastrous First for me.

I was not the only one, indeed we had to wait till the bus was full of other stragglers and then drove for ever round a perimeter road to the opposite side of the airport,

After an uneventful three and half hours air travel I arrived at Marseilles where my first requirement was a loo.  As usual, there were none to be seen before or in the baggage hall, and when I got outside I could see no signs for Toilettes anywhere.  I queued up for ages at the Information Desk, who told me they were just after the fast food restaurant (forget which).  When I commented that there seemed to be no signs, she agreed.

Still I could not see the loos, so asked at a nearby airline desk.  She was very rude and told me to go to Information.  I was so angry by now I told her she was rude and not nice and stomped off – and eventually found the wretched loos which were substandard.

Anyhow, all that frustration must have woken me up, because I did not need one sleep break during the four hour drive home, despite endless traffic jams and, once again, which buffeted my little car.

The wind dropped when I left the Rhone valley and I was able to have the roof open and enjoy the 24 degree temperature.

Voilà.  And tomorrow I must really finish unpacking, come down to earth, work out how to turn on my central heating and prepare for Monday’s hospital trip.


Apologies for the verbosity and excessive posting of photos.  I was struggling with poor internet access and this left me with inadequate time and energy to prune.

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