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Revisiting the Blue Mosque

I went back to the Blue Mosque for a third, wetter and chillier visit than the previous ones.

Before the rain started, I walked from Kumbaki to Sultanahmet, through a district that must once have seen better days.  I noticed that several of the houses were built in the same clapboard style as we saw on our island trip. These appear to be in an old Ottoman style, no doubt much reduced in number by fires and earthquakes.

Just before reaching Sultanahmet, I stopped at a (relatively) little mosque not mentioned in my guidebook but which looked promising.  It was.  The Little Hagia Sophia turns out to be another, sixth century, Byzantine church later turned into a mosque. I particularly liked the carved capitals on the columns.

There is no doubt that the Blue Mosque is more glorious when the sky is blue, but nevertheless, it is still an amazing building, and I cannot resist putting up more photos.

By the time I came out, it began to pour with rain.  I revisited our lunchtime restaurant for a coffee and to hide from the rain.  Not quite the same allure as one watches the rain drip off the awnings and feels the temperature dropping. Time to call it a day.




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