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Grand Bazaar

So, on to the Grand Bazaar with its 66 streets. A feast of colour.

An awful lot of predictable tat, but some stalls I wouldn’t have minded stopping at – except the slightest pause in your footsteps and you are prey.
Ed was the first – willing – victim. I discovered he has a love of ceramics and bought a couple of handsome bowls. Then it was my turn: some place mats and coasters.
Not wishing to tire the children we pressed on – except we passed endless Turkish delight and nougat stalls. And at each one the children were offered something to eat. Often people leant over to stroke their hair and exclaim at them. There is a definite dearth of European visitors and the two children with their near blond hair stand out like magnets. They also appreciated Maddie’s enthusiasm for the sweets.
I too had thought I did not like Turkish Delight but discovered there are many which taste more like nougat than the sweet jelly like concoctions.
Finally we tore ourselves away and crossed the Old Town again for the final treasure to visit: Topkapi Palace.

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