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Galata Tower

Jude and Ed have rented an AirBnB apartment for four days.  It is a stone’s throw from Galata Tower, on a Hill the other side of the river from the old city where I have been living.

It is a spacious quirky apartment, with its own hamam (not yet tried out). The family arrived just after me, somewhat dazed by the long journey and, in Jude and Ed’s case a ridiculous fortnight of nonstop court work.

Just the moment to explore the roof terrace several floors above, with drinks and nibbles. The children loved the space, while we basked in the afternoon sun, marvelling at the views of the old city in front and the Asian  side of Istanbul to one side, and everywhere glistening water. Behind us was the Galata Tower, built by the Genoese colony in the 14th century.

We are in the Beyoğlu district here, the centre for trendy shops and active nightlife . So supper at a restaurant buzzing with life was far removed from the little corner places I have been frequenting in the Old Town. It was quite late when we returned to our flat  the children were tired, but amazingly well behaved during the meal.



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