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Tribute from Dan’s friends

Hours after Deb informed Brent Council of Dan’s death the tributes have been flooding in on Facebook.  It makes me proud and happy he was held in such affection and esteem by his friends, mainly in the Labour Party. And I am glad there has been recognition for his many positive virtues. If he could see this he could rightly recognise that he had left  a worthy legacy.

Here are some of the extracts, in no particular order:

a kinder more decent man you couldn’t wish for

such a fantastic gent.

dedicated public service and socialist historian who had time for everybody

wit, intelligence and humour.

Also fondly remembered as a Councillor in Hammersmith and Fulham and staunch campaigner for Charing Cross Hospital.

huge loss to the Labour Party

A good bloke and fine intellect to match.

such a decent guy

despite different political backgrounds, shared many views about social and welfare issues then and now. Dan will be missed by all those whose lives he touched with humour and humanity.

Today Brent Labour lost its most decent, its most honourable, its most knowledgable councillor.

RIP Dan. We will make you proud.

Dan Filson? Bloody hell. I met him at Conference after his barn storming speech.

This is really sad,what a political colossus that man was.

Impossible to replace.

I can’t really take it in. Only this week he was badgering me about Scrutiny. He was working his socks off to the last.

A giant in every sense of the word. More of us should be as diligent and hard – working for our local community.

Just a decent, kind, principled man

Makes you realise how short life is and so few us make a lasting impact. Dan won’t be forgotten.

We all owe it to him to be more like him. I’ll try to spend what time I have left as a councillor living up to his rigour, his courage and his pursuit of fairness.

If I end up half the man or councillor he was, I will have outdone myself.

Deeply saddened to learn of the news of Dan’s passing. A dedicated Councillor and kind hearted man.

I can’t believe the tragic news today. My friend, co-councillor and mentor has passed away.

What a decent and amusing man. The party will be a poorer without him.


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