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Bravo Apple

I stopped off at the Apple Store on my way to the airport and came out with a new iPad – despite the fact that once again my sick iPad had refused to display any of its symptoms in the shop.

In my early visits to the store I was put off by all those young things dashing around with iPads in their hands. Very much impersonal employees of a large enterprise. But after two visits sitting around observing them at work I have been impressed by their expertise – and the way they have clearly been trained to be polite and welcoming to customers.

Above all I have been impressed by the staff at the ‘Genius Bar’ (what an awful name), particularly after this last visit, when I went armed with EU documentation on my consumer rights. I didnt need it. The young man listened to me, obviously accepted my diagnosis of an intermittent fault, and proposed without more ado to replace it. It looks as if de facto Apple has quietly turned their one year guarantee into a two year one.

I then spent well over an hour setting up my new iPad (it has still not finished downloading things like photos and music from my iCloud backup!) I think the staff were relieved they had a customer who could do this, as they were inundated by people asking for help.

phew.  I had not been looking forward to two weeks in England without my right hand assistant.

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