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More computer problems

No sooner than sorting out what turned out to be a defective plug for my computer monitor than my iPad went on the blink.  Devastating for someone who is joined at the waist to her technological gadgets.

For a few weeks the iPad has been mysteriously rebooting.  Then it refused to ‘wake up’ altogether, despite my doing routine technical checks.  Time to call in the experts, so I booked another appointment with the ‘Genius Bar’ at the Apple Store in Montpellier.

Guess what, the iPad suddenly decided to boot up!  I explained the symptoms, though, and the guy went through a number of checks, including establishing there was not a battery fault.  He did show me a couple of dodges for cleaning up memory but confessed that he was not sure what had been going on.  With fingers crossed I took the iPad home.

For a couple of days it behaved – and now it refuses to do anything.  It lies looking at me reproachfully, its screen black and silent.  No more Today programme lying in bed, no more reading the Guardian over breakfast, not more TV on the sofa.  Not to mention frequent consultations courtesy of google throughout the day.

I have booked yet another appointment at Apple Store, en route to the airport on Tuesday, and face two whole weeks in London without iPad.  Although only 15 months old, the one year Apple warranty no longer applies.  Should it need replacing or expensive repairs, I’m going to quote EU legislation at them: the 1999/44/CE directive tries to extend European guarantees to two years.  It is a grey area but worth a try.

Meanwhile the trip to Montpellier was not entirely fruitless: I bought a new Macbook for Sylvia (and have been trying to fit in sessions setting it up ever since) and then my friend, Dessa, and I went on to a Skoda garage, to research Yetis.  She badly needs to replace an ancient and dying Saab, but has very specific requirements such as automatic, lots of space for dogs and rubbish, and yet no wider than 1.8 metres because of the scarily narrow and winding approach to her house.

I know that approach because not only did I collect Dessa for this trip but had to return the next day to deliver the various things she left in my car!  She lies in a beautiful house with absolutely stunning views 18km from my house.  The last seven kilometres are up a steep, narrow (single track) winding road with problematic hairpin bends, particularly if you are driving in the dark (or worse still, at sunrise or sunset). The last kilometre passes through various places with rocks or buildings millimetres from the side mirrors. Makes the road to my house feel like a motorway.

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