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Lunch on the Causse

I had lunch twice in the village oft Blandas, just before the Cirque de Navacelle, first with David and Barbara Hart (as a thank you for looking after my jacuzz) and then with Hans and Margaret (as a thank you for all the many things they do for me).

Even when the weather is indifferent, this drive up to the Causse, the high plateau that I see to the south of me, is magnificent.  Looking back you see the whole panorama of the Cévennes stretched out, and the sauvage loneliness of the limestones of the Causse is a lovely contrast – something which Chris always loved.

The restaurant in the centre of Blandas does a really good job of an honest, well presented meal.  Here are Hans and Margaret enjoying theirs:

2014-12-18_IMG_1285 (1)




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