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Another car scrape

Yesterday continued to be a mauvaise journée. On my return from Montpellier I collected Poppy, who had spent the day with Hans and Margaret. One of the car doors was not properly shut, so I stopped just before the bridge. There was a party in the school, making it difficult to find somewhere to stop. When I drove off I heard that sickening scrape/scrunch noise. I had not seen I was parked beside a protruding boulder.

I honestly don’t think I can blame this accident on the fact that I’m still really driving one-handed. Being tired and the twilight probably did not help. I just started to turn right too soon.

Anyhow here is the offending boulder just before the bridge

and the result

It’s going to cost, but luckily I know somebody who works on the cars of friends and family in the evenings. I’ll get him to cover some other scrapes and scratches while he is about it. 🙂

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