Western Street


This was our British base from 2001-2005.

Western Street is a lively, slightly down at the heel street which leads down to the seafront. The dominant feature is the famous Embassy Court, which was transformed from being a famous eyesore to a shining, white version of its former 30s glory in the months leading up to our sale. The neighbourhood is an eclectic mixture of gay couples, foreign students, professionals – often moved from London, several Middle East families, and original Brighton families. There are dark stories of shadier inhabitants, but I reckon upgraded housing means they are being eased out.

11 Western Street is a typical Brighton terrace house: tall (four-storeys) but thin, its staircases built for slender beings. The views of the sea from the front windows and the sounds of the gulls and, when it is windy, the waves, remind you how close we are to the sea.

We are going to miss the charm of the patio garden; we are not going to miss the noise of cheerful revellers returning from the beach late on summer evenings.