South of Madurai

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I arrived at the station at 5am in the morning and packed in visits to two temples before taking the next overnight train on to Trivandrum.

Temple at Thiruppadaimarudur

This was about 30 km west of Tirunevelli, deep in the country, and I got there by taxi just after dawn. Probably for the only time in India I had the temple (almost) to myself; there were just two women cleaning the floor and a couple of priests wandering about. It was a charming little temple, although I finally baulked at climbing a dangerous looking ladder onto the roof to look at the medieval wooden sculptures (the reason I went there).

Temple at Tiruchendur

After lunch in Tirunevelli, I was driven about 50km in the other direction, to a much busier temple. Tiruchendur is a popular destination on the pilgrimage route. Standing on the sea shore it managed to combine the ambience of a temple and a seaside resort. People seemed to come both to pray in the temple and then enjoy themselves.