In April 2004 Chris and I spent a wet but enjoyable week in Tuscany.

Nine months later, I set off for a memorable five weeks in northern India, leaving Chris at home to mind the dog…

In 2006 I was off again, to New Zealand, to meet the family of our future son-in-law, Steve.

In 2007 I was back in India, this time in the south.

Future projects? More Italy, more India, Spain, Morocco, Damascus, Petra…

2014 update
Five years have past. The death of Chris, move to the new house, and increasing health issues have sadly put travel plans on hold. Having got through the shoulder replacement, the following winter must taken up with replacing the first hip replacement. And then, and then…a more bionic me will head for India I hope.

2015 update

Alas, another year with no travelling: 2015 was the cancer year … …


At last, my first foreign travel since Chris died: two trips to Italy.