Ganges to Couloustrine

When you reach Ganges, follow the road that bypasses the town centre. Follow the signs to le Vigan and Millau (ie the D999).

At le Vigan, again the main road bypasses most of the town, so when you reach the roundabout with a large artificial waterfall, go straight on, rather than branching right to the centre of town.

After a couple of km of straight road, including a smaller roundabout with a yellow edging, there is another larger roundabout. Millau, St Affrique and Alzon are straight ahead and Mt Aigoual and Col du Minier to the right.

roundabout          d48

Take the right turn (D 48) towards Mt Aigoual and Col du Minier (rather than going straight ahead to Millau, St Affrique and Alzon). The road crosses a small bridge and you come to a second, much smaller roundabout, and the D48 goes to the left.

You will see Intermarché and Mr Bricolage below, on your left. (We are 4km from Intermarché).

From Intermarché to Couloustrine

This map may help you complete the last few kilometres:


Continue up the hill (the D48) for just under a kilometre. At the first junction, turn left (with signposts to a whole host of villages, including Bréau and Aulas).

Go down a little hill and over a bridge. At a T junction; turn right (signposted to, Bréau, Serres, Salagosse, Aulas, Arphy etc etc.).  The road leads to three communes each of which tends to put up competing signs!


Ignore the first turn to the left, continue along a narrow winding road until you reach the hameau of le Plan (signpost might say les Plans).

Turn left at le Plan, towards Bréau etc (as opposed to continue ahead to Aulas and Arphy).

Go leftwards over another bridge (don’t take the right fork just before it, signposted to La Mouline), keep going ahead towards Serres and Salagosse. Ignore the sharp hairpin left up the hill to Bréau. After a straightish bit of road, you come to le Pont de Mars (a right bend). The road then takes a few wiggles up the hill and you come to a junction, with Mars to the left and Serres-Salagosse straight ahead. This is our hamlet, or lieu-dit, called Couloustrine.

Le Mazet – the guesthouse –  is on the Serres road, on the left, immediately after this junction.



To get to the main house, at this last junction, take the left turning to Mars, and then about 200 metres take the righthand turn, up a steep, winding lane.  My house is the second one on the right: