Ella Bennion-Pedley

October 2009


Ella was born – after a not too so easy labour – in the early hours of 27 October 2009. She weighed just over 7lb. I’m biased of course, but I think my first grandchild looks really pretty. Luckily, despite learning to be parents with the aid of a book rather than nearby family and friends (although Steve and Kate have been doing some sterling support when not at work), Jude and Ed have found the time to take the odd picture or two.

Update at six weeks: Ella has been testing her parents’ stamina, as she feeds healthily (one might say pretty well non-stop…) but is a colicy, crying baby. We keep hoping she will turn the corner and give herself as well as Jude and Ed a break.

Update after seven months: Most symptoms of reflux have disappeared. Ella is a (mainly) cheery, energetic baby. Looks as if – like her mother – she is going to pass on the crawling (perhaps indulging in a little bottom shuffling) and pass straight to walking. One helluva character!

Update at nearly 10 months: Wrong again. Ella started to crawl just before coming out to France, albeit with one leg tucked under her.

Ella in 2009-2010

11 months
9-10 months. August in France
7-8 months. June in France
5-6 months. April in France
4-5 months. March
8 weeks. December 2009
3 weeks. November 2009