So far I have used a ‘grand taxi’ to get to Fès from the airport and a ‘petit taxi’ to get round Fès. I probably won’t t use the train system this trip but it is apparently pretty good for long distances.

The standard way goods get round the medina is in one of the many two wheeled carts. I’ve noticed there is a cart rank at Batha roundabout, not doubt relying on the trade of taking tourists’ luggage down to the riads. Given the steep hills in the medina, being a porter is a tough life.

I saw at least one man (the egg seller) using his two wheel cart as his sales stand.

Despite the sign indicating No Donkeys (or similar), there seem to be quite a few donkeys and mules transporting stuff around. Despite this, no sign of donkey droppings. I spotted one owner busily collecting his charges poo (he rushed round to stand beside his animal when he saw me taking a photo = one of the very few people to demand money for being photographed.

There are one or two motorised vehicles, but the frequent steps, even though shallow and with sloping bits for the carts, deter much more sophisticated means of transport.


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