Fresh food

I tend to take for granted that we eat and drink so well here. It is only when visitors exclaim at the quality of fruit and vegetables that I am reminded how lucky we are.

Of course, depending largely on local produce does restrict one to a diet based on the seasons and what is grown in our region. Those within easy distance of British supermarkets, especially Waitrose, find it hard to adjust their menus when they find that what they think of as a basic ingredient is not on our supermarket shelves.

Typically I have been enjoying the peaches sold at one of my favourite stalls in the le Vigan market on Saturdays. As the seller handed me my bag he said he had picked them himself at 3am that morning. Last night I enjoyed a peach eaten with goat yoghurt and a little honey (my lodger, Sébastian, has a couple of beehives somewhere).

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