Coup d’état by Johnson

I am so angry and depressed by what is happening in Britain that I cannot raise the energy to write anything that is not a prolonged rant. Suffice to say that centuries of British democracy and the tradition of an unwritten constitution are under threat.

On a personal level my future in France continues to be an exhausting uncertainty. I have my carte de séjour as an EU citizen. I will have to apply for a new non-EU carte after Brexit but hope this will be a simple exchange (we will see).

The big questions are whether the drop in the value of sterling affects my pension too much to live here (and indeed there is the possibility that my state pension will no longer have inflationary increases) and, even more important, whether I will continue to have healthcare.

Nobody seems able to say with assurance what will happen in the event of a no-deal brexit. Earlier this year the May government said it would guarantee paying for treatment for existing conditions for a year. Big deal. I think the French are going to allow cover for two years, but this is not certain. My fear is that to continue to have treatment, I may have to make an additional payment of 8% of income, over and above my current income tax. This would prove too much – already I have difficulty meeting all costs without dipping into my declining savings.

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