A year ago

Today a year ago was my first day in the Clinique in Ganges after having been rushed into hospital with a perforated duodenal ulcer.

What a nightmare that was. And it was the first of three health dramas: I was back in an ambulance six weeks later for what turned out to be an intestinal occlusion. Then in September I was back a third time, for an operation to have the occlusion and hernia fixed – side effects of the cancer treatment in 2015.

Charlotte, my lovely phsyio, was reminding me of this today. No wonder she and the GP are so firm that it is too early to contemplate having my arthritic knee replaced. Trouble is that the history with the duodenal ulcer means that all anti-inflammatories are banned, including products rubbed on locally.

The drama a year ago happened days after the Ecole de Musique’s orchestra accompanied two Chaplin films – a thoroughly enjoyable experience had I been feeling better – and two weeks before I was due to play a solo in the end of year concert.

That is another reason I have been remembering last year. I got an email when in Lisbon saying that that there would be an end of year concert for the cellists on 11th June and would I play the Bach Allemande which I performed in April again. I am now discovering how quickly I can forget a piece if I don’t play it every day. And yet another challenge for my bad case of ‘trace’ – performance nerves.

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