A blog for whom

Phew, that blog on Lisbon and Barcelona was a bit over the top. I won’t do that again.

The trouble was that not only did I not have the time or energy to do daily entries, which would have produced more manageable chunks, but also I discovered I had a problem uploading photos..

For those who know what on earth I am talking about, I normally import photos from the camera card into Lightroom on my Mac – and then upload smaller versions from Lightroom to my website. I travel with my iPad not my Mac. I can import photos from my card to the iPad Photos app – but then I don’t know how to reduce the size of files before uploading them to my website. If anybody knows how to do this, perhaps using the IOS version of Lightroom, please tell me.

At least I can now add this entry to the more permanent part of my site, under Travel.

In my defence, I see my blog primarily as a diary for myself – and those family and friends who enjoy knowing what I am up to or what I think. Already my posts are too wordy – I am a compulsive scribbler (though these days I suppose I should say keyboard tapper). But life is too short to work at my text – those days of refining and pruning are over.

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