Disappearing car

We may live in a rural backwater, but that does not mean there is no car-related crime. 

A fortnight ago I was driving through le Vigan when I spotted a little white car with no wheels, at the spot where I knew my English neighbours had parked their car when en route to the airport last autumn.

Yes, sadly, it was their car.  They had planned to return shortly after and so left the car near the bus stop – and then family problems meant they had not come – and had forgotten about the car. Too late they kicked themselves for having done nothing.

I said I would check the price of wheels (though we both suspected these would cost more than the value of the car) and if not, find someone to help dispose of the car.

Before I could do that, there was another blow: the car had disappeared. Yesterday I went to the Gendarmerie, but they knew nothing about it. Next stop was the Hôtel de Ville to see if the municipal police had removed the car. It turns out that there is now only one municipal police officer and he is on holiday this week! (So I suppose one can park anywhere in town with impunity.)

We will have to wait till next week before finding out if the car has been impounded and what the fine might be. At least I have learnt a new French word: the car is almost certainly à la fourrière.

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