Future in the balance

“Eh! Eh….le Brexit?” Everyone asks me, with a mixture of incomprehension and sympathy.

Yesterday I was asked at least four times – by my hairdresser, the pharmacist and a couple of friends in ‘my’ cafe. 

One friend was typically optimist: don’t worry, he said, you’ll end up staying with us in Europe. Theresa May will give in. Don’t be so sure I replied. You are not familiar with the tribal loyalties of the Conservative Party. Plus there are the Labour MPs representing Brexit constituencies. 

The pharmacist, M. Bresson, had a different view. He had been told that his English counterparts are all stocking medicines in preparation for a no deal. 

I reflected on these comments as I tried to get past the blockage caused by the gilets jaunes at the roundabout at the entrance to le Vigan. 

When I see them, I see people who feel ignored, not listened to. Just like the Brits in the North East. And I fear that here this will transform into votes for the Front National. 

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