Polish builders score again

At last my bedroom terrace is resurfaced. It has been a story which has involved unfortunately a few fallouts.

The terrace was originally built round my jacuzzi. Then it suffered significant subsidence (a source of tension between me and the otherwise excellent original builder) and the jacuzzi packed up (again some tension, this time with the French branch of Canadian Spa who refused to service it).

So last year the jacuzzi was removed, the hole filled up, and the former opening now has some excellent steps leading down to the terrace below (ie easier to fetch bottles from the cellar!

Making good the terrace surface has been problematic. I agreed with the guy doing the work that the existing tiles should be covered over by a new layer of slate (schiste) ones, matching the rest of the terrace. The weather last year did not help, with snow or rain interrupting work frequently. But finally I lost my patience and called an end to this particular project.

This month, I took on a different builder, a Pole called Kris. True to the reputation of Poles in the building trade, he did the whole job in two weeks. I am pleased and relieved (although a little more out of pocket than originally expected. It looks good and merges seamlessly with the rest of the terrace.

Now we just need a good rainfall (!) to wash the site down.

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