Estate agent duties

Owning a drone has taken an unexpected turn. After providing Dessa and her neighbour with information about the state of their roofs, I am now providing images for friends wanting to sell their houses.

A Scottish couple who are selling their house in Mars, the next door village, asked me for some aerial shots for their sales literature. We will be doing these together shortly (once Spring shows some appearance) but I have provided them with some initial samples.

My friend Dessa has two houses and has been trying unsuccessfully to sell one of them. The trouble is that it is huge and beautiful but needs a fortune spending on it to insulate the roof, instal central heating and provide a septic tank that meets the ‘norms’. People keep visiting, falling in love with it, going away to do their sums – and not coming back. So Dessa is going to review her selling strategy, but knows this must include a portfolio of pictures that do the place justice. Here is my first stab at aerial views.

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