We are in the middle of yet another Episode Cévenol –  yes, our weather has its own page on the French version of wiki. The heavens open up and dump an incredible volume of water over 24 hours – making up for the long dry summer weeks. The last month has seen a succession of such episodes, interspersed by kinder days, when we revert to strolling or sitting outside.

Yesterday morning Poppy and I walked to Serres. I was struck by how the autumn colours have suddenly arrived, looking magical in the sharp post-rain light.  But I suspect autumn this year will be short-lived; by the afternoon the rain was back with a vengeance.

I’ve been too busy to go out and take photos.  Let’s hope that the forecast for Sunday remains quite promising.  Meanwhile,  I have been unable to resist snapping the view from my bedroom terrace.  When the rain stops, the mists rise up round Bréau, changing my view all the time. The middle two photos were taken last Friday, the last two this afternoon.  See how the colours have changed in this week.


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