360 degrees

The weather seesaws between rain and sun. Today it was the sun’s turn, so I continued my efforts to improve my drone skills .

Pushing on the joystick and watching the drone soar up is exciting, bu nail biting.  It is so easy to panic, pull on the wrong joystick, or in the wrong direction and risk sending the drone plunging to the ground or, worse still, getting it caught up in a tree.

I’m beginning to teach myself not to panic when I send it rushing off in the wrong direction, but rather to pause, and let it hover, while I look at the controls on my phone and work out which way I am facing.

As I start to acquire better basic navigation skills, I can start thinking about how to take photos – after all, the point of this venture. I need to work on turning the drone to face where I want to take a picture and to swivel the drone’s little camera up or down.

Today I decided to use a command which would get the drone to turn round 360 degrees, taking photos as it turned. It too taking nine sets of three shots, looking up, ahead and down.  I then ‘stitched’ the 45 images created into a panorama:

 Then I used applications on my Mac to turn the panorama into a 3D globe, producing this quirky result:

I was using new techniques first on the drone and then  on my computer. I cannot imagine producing many panoramas and globes, but the exercise taught me a lot .

Here are some of the 45 individual photos which make up this globe.

Its been useful sending the drone up above my own house, but soon I must have enough courage to go further afield again. Maybe tomorrow. My friend, Dessa, has just rung to say her new neighbours would like to see what state their roof is in. So, provided there are not too many trees close by, I’m going to have a bash at filming their roof.

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