Du soleil

What a wonderful weekend it has been: sunshine, no wind and temperatures in the mid-twenties.

Apparently the beaches round Montpellier were full of sun-worshippers.  Here, people just rejoiced that for once the lovely weather coincided with the weekend.

It is extraordinary how here we leap from one extreme to the other – the unrelenting rain of ten days ago being replaced by a balmy Indian summer. The good weather is set to continue all week, albeit with cooler temperatures.

Yesterday was supposed to witness my next step in the drone journey: a video clip taken above my house. Afterwards I took the card out of the drone and discovered that aerial footage was blank.  I think I had failed to press the video button twice.  Instead, all I got was a couple of minutes of a blurred image of an insect crawling in front of the drone, as it waited for takeoff on a rock beside me while I consulted the manual.

Another technical challenge is how to create clips of an acceptable size for the internet, rather than this simple screenshot.

Aha.  Some time later…. I have just made my first video with the drone.

A day later:

And here is a second, less jerky video.

This was made after I crashed into some trees . The learning curve continues.

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