After something like five weeks without rain, the weather started to change last Wednesday. There were still periods of fine weather – like on Saturday when Dessa and I lunched outside after the market.  But the clouds were gathering.

Then the rain came, with a vengeance. It rained hard, relentlessly, violently, all yesterday, throughout the night and all today.  We are catching the edge of la tempête Leslie, which battered Portugal and is now passing eastwards along the Mediterranean coast.

What a contrast to the dry, dry weather we have had.  It is rare to be able to look down at my land from above (photo taken by a friend’s drone) and see all the terraces still brown – no grass has grown since the summer.

That should change dramatically now.  Our local river is thundering down the valley, and my bassin, which had been half empty a week ago, is ready to overflow.

As I write I have just discovered a leak in my roof – just weeks after the ten-year guarantee finished.

I’ve left a message on the builder’s answerphone, but given there must be a queue,  I don’t expect a prompt reply.  And more rain is expected  until Friday, when hopefully normal sunshine will return.

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