Operation over

A very familiar scene: after a long wait I was wheeled to the operation bloc by the same young man as a fortnight ago – he with a girlfriend who is a world class scramble biker. And then I was met by Michel, the anaesthetist that had to use an ecograph  machine to put in the last of my drips in July.

I don’t know what was in the drip, but i came round feeling quite normal and the cocktail saw me pretty painlessly through the first twelve hours or so. The only time I had -have – pain is when I have to move, especially getting in and out of bed to go to the loo. Now I have no drip or drain and feel mentally OK.

This morning my friend, Dessa, texted me to say her friend’s daughter, who works in accounts here, said my op had gone fine! Such is the relaxed rural network. Later my surgeon, Dr Glaise (now seven and a half months pregnant) confirmed  the same thing. She said there were two éventrations, but she managed to deal with them both using the largest size prothèse or mesh -8×6 cm. And there had been no adhesions.

She talked of me possibly going to the Chataigniers as early as tomorrow! Meanwhile I have my orders to ‘marcher, marcher, marcher’. I have already been back and forth down the all too familiar corridor and no signs of the ‘gases’ everybody asks me about. Surely my system should work faster,  as this time I’m not on a nil by mouth routine and so continue my thrice daily laxative doses (to prevent further occlusions).

I am also officially back on normal food after three months of regime, not that hospital food is a good way to celebrate this. I can’t blame the food for my bad episode at lunch – I had hardly started it. I was gazing unenthiastically at a plate of over cooked meat, clearly tinned vegetables and  pasta, when I came over all sweaty and started to faint. I managed to lie down and ring for a nurse. My blood pressure had plummeted from a too high 15/11 this morning to 10/6. Not catastrophic and not the first time this has happened to me in recent years when experience sharp pains.

The blood pressure is still low, but I feel fine. It’s the afternoon ‘gouté’ time. Out of habit I have chosen tisane rather than tea or coffee, but have been give two madeleines to eat.  And it’s not much more than two hours before I get to see what delicacy we have for dinner.

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