Health tests continue

On Friday I was back in the Ganges Clinique for day surgery: to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy.

This is not particularly pleasant, in particular the 24 hours preparation before (constrained diet and dramatic laxatives – I lost 1.5 kg overnight!) and I felt quite unwell for a day after the general anaesthetic.  But child’s play compared with what I have had in the past and I fear will have next week.

The results were not bad: no signs of stomach ulcers (though samples were taken for biopsy) and the intestines were not great (the doctor removed the largert of the polyps and diverticula) but nothing really serious seen.

As usual my gut is taking some time to recover from these intrusions, but I’m doing my best to eat carefully to avoid another occlusion in the run-up to surgery.

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