Yes, I know it is hot everywhere, but it is hard to enjoy temperatures soaring 35-40 in the afternoon when you are not only wearing compression stockings but a multi-layered thick support corset.

Maëlle gave me a prescription for a second corset and when Margaret came over for a swim on Friday, we decided to experiment with me going in the water corset and all, and changing to a dry one after.

Luckily I know Margaret well, as there is nothing more undignified than struggling on the bed, like a beached whale, while she took one off and then put the new one on.  In the clinic this was done by two people – and they were not giggling like we were.

That has put me off the idea of bathing a little.  Instead, yesterday, when my friends Francis and Mireille came over, I opted instead for paddling up to my knees.  That was refreshing, and just sitting in the shade beside the water, listening to the cascades and watching the dragonflies, is a pleasure.

I can’t remember when it last rained – in June?  At any rate, this intense, rather heavy heat is set to continue for at least a month, with the occasional storm warning.  So far, like yesterday, these come to nothing: some clouds collect – and then they retreat back.

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