Sortie? Not quite yet

At ten this morning Pierre and I had our cases packed and were all set to leave. What followed was a long, frustrating day.

The secretary who organises departures gave me my papers – prescriptions and note for my GP and said I could leave. Pierre still had to see the surgeon, Dr Terk, before he could leave. But I dug my heels in and said I wanted to see him too; I had seen him only briefly, perhaps twice since last Friday, when my doctor left on holiday, and I had questions to ask.

There was no problem about this and we were asked to wait till he came up to visit us. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Finally he turned up just before four, having apparently been working in Montpellier and then arriving to a backlog here.

I asked Dr Terk how he could be sure there was no occlusion any more, given – that magic phrase – I have had no selles for ten days. He was reassuring and said Dr Glaise had warned him that my system was very lethargic and anyhow I had at least had les gazes. But would I like a second scan to confirm there was no problem?

Yes please, I said. So Pierre went off home and I unpacked my bag for another night (apparently I can’t just have the scan and then go home).  Shortly after the scan Dr Terki came by with the results, this time more relaxed and slightly less rushed.

He confirmed there was no occlusion but that the system is full of ‘matières’ – stuff – evidence that I now have a system really travelling in the slow lane. (About to have the final indignity – an enema.) interestingly he added that the two (!) hernias are quite small and at present not problematic, though I still have to wear my corset till I next see Dr Glaise on 9 August.

So the next stage is a series of appointment and tests in August.

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